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JD Assist Website Build Service

Website Creation

You’ve set up your business and you want to tell the world, of course.  What better way therefore than a website? Now, of course, the ‘world’ are your customers, whether you are local or further reaching, a website is an effective way to reach, inform and connect with them.

Do you like this website? JD Assist can help you with yours too.  Whether it’s a lack of time or just not your thing, I can work with you to create the site you want, translating your vision into reality.

JD Assist Website Maintenance Service

Website Maintenance

Great, you’ve got your site and now anyone and everyone can see what you have to offer, job done! Hmmm, not exactly.  Like most things, to keep your site working at an optimum level and doing what it should be, it will need looking after.

Oh, but you have so many other things that you need to be doing as a business owner, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Not to worry, JD Assist can take that chore off your plate, saving you time and therefore enabling you to do other things whilst still having a site that works as you want it to.

JD Assist Website Proofing Services

Website Proofing

Congratulations, you did it.  You’ve built your own website and you’re ready to reveal it to the world.

The only thing is that you’ve been looking at it for so long, it’s all become a little blurred. If only you had a fresh pair of eyes to look at it, really delve into it and ensure that it matches up to how you want it to be and ensure that everything is in order.

Let JD Assist take a look whilst you rest your eyes.

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Why WordPress?

  • 2,645 of the top 10,000 websites in the world use WordPress 26.45% 26.45%
  • Over 25% of all websites use WordPress 28.8% 28.8%
  • Most popular content management system in the world 59.7% 59.7%
  • According to Google, WordPress is 99% SEO Friendly 99% 99%
  • Over 23 BILLION WordPress pages are viewed each month 100% 100%

I used Joanna previously to upgrade my website.  I already had a DIY website, but didn’t feel it was working very well, it was very basic.  We had an initial consultation where I told her exactly the type of feel I wanted, it was upgraded to my exact specifications, nothing was too much trouble.
Joanna followed up with things that were needed from me for the website, which was good and what I needed, she was very much on the ball.  Very good price and cost effective, especially for a start up, I would highly recommend her.

She also maintains it for me, again at a very good price, I’m very happy with it.  I just tell her what I want, or send the content and it’s done.  There’s no point in me doing it as I’m busy working in my business and I don’t have those skills so better to outsource to someone who has and that’s what she does.  It frees me up, it’s good.

Vicki Sims

Owner, Lady Bug Pest Control Services

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