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Property, Interior Design and Websites

Interior design is one of my passions, creating beautiful spaces that make you happy is something that I really enjoy.  So, it dawned on me a while back; that interior design and websites are not too dissimilar.  Yes, I am aware that one is real and tangible whilst the other is virtual, but I promise that it will make sense, allow me to explain.

Like your house/flat/bungalow/barn conversion/caravan (delete as appropriate), your website is your piece of real estate in the world wide web.  Just like your actual property, it is your space to call your own and where you can be you.  Also, like property, you’ll have a freeholder in the form of your hosting provider (not applicable if you have a house or share of freehold), unless you happen to self-host.  Alas, even in the virtual world you cannot escape having others around and your neighbours are the other people using your hosting provider.

There’s lots of traffic with all the people who are continuously surfing the web and occasionally things come to a standstill when there are server issues, and no one can proceed.  Plus, with more and more people having businesses, side hustles, blogs and vlogs etc the population is increasing and it’s becoming more built up.

Are you starting to see where I’m coming from?  I’ll explain a bit more.  Going back to your property, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing, a reflection of you and inviting.  All the things you want your website to be, right?  However, like interior design, it is not just about colours, accesories and making things look pretty.  No, you want it to also be functional and practical to support the way you live and make life easier.  Hence why it’s important to have a website that is mobile optimised, easy to navigate, quick to load amongst others and not just pretty to look at.


Just as an interior designer plans out how the space will look, they also incorporate the client, their lifestyle and the functionality of the space.  Which like I said at the beginning is not dissimilar to creating a website and what I aim to do when creating sites for my clients.  Even if you are creating your own, it is worth thinking about it in this way and also if you are daunted at the prospect of a website bear these points in mind and hopefully it will feel less so.

If perhaps you are wondering if you need a website, let me ask you this, do you still live at home? Yes? Do you want to live there forever, or do you want somewhere that you can call your own?  If no, would you have wanted to live in your parents’ space forever?  See, I told you that property, interior design and websites were not dissimilar.

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