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It’s true that you can do anything

Have you heard or seen the quote that ‘you can do anything, but not everything’?  It’s something I was thinking about recently and I decided that my viewpoint on it is that it’s completely true and not only that but it’s a false economy to try to.

There were a couple of events that got me thinking about this.  The first was actually the task of painting my nails. Oh, you were expecting something momentous, sorry no. You may think it an odd thing to have gotten me thinking about the subject of whether or not you should do everything yourself, but you’ll see why in a moment. 

You see, I had been to the spa a couple of weeks ago and one of the treatments was a manicure and the end result was fab (incredibly it stayed on for 2 weeks even though it wasn’t gel, but I digress). It reminded me of how much I like it when my nails are done as I seldom do them anymore and prompted me to blow the dust off my box of polishes and get back in the habit of doing them.  So, there I am on a Sunday afternoon gingerly trying to manoeuvre a mug of hot liquid, use my tablet and then later make a meal.  These simple tasks all had to be done with care as I waited for my nails to fully dry to ensure that they wouldn’t smudge and the time spent diligently applying layers of base coat, polish and top coat wasted – if I’m doing it, I’m doing it properly!

Experience had taught me that although I had held my hands aloft and with my fingers splayed for 15 minutes to ensure nothing touched my nails between coats did not in any way mean that they were dry.  In fact, it is precisely for this reason that the drying time got longer between each coat.  Hence this simple act of doing my nails ended up taking hours.  It was at this point that I remembered how quick it was when I had it done by someone else, also meaning that both hands looked equally as good instead of my questionable righthand owing to using my left to do it.  Sure, I can do my own nails, but it’s far more enjoyable, time effective and well done when I get them done by someone else who’s job it is to do nails.

This is the same with business and for most people in the beginning, you do have to do most things yourself but if you have the budget, it is essentially far better use of your time and highly likely a better outcome to get a professional to do your accounts, create your website, draw up your contracts, do your HR etc, etc, etc.

That being said, you do also get what you pay for and cheaper isn’t necessarily better and probably gives you less recourse if you are not happy with the result as I recently discovered on Fiverr. Yes, get a professional to do a job but in some cases, it is better to pay a bit more otherwise you might as well do it yourself.  Though in my 1 person discussion with me, myself and I, I concluded that brain and heart surgery were not things you could do yourself as firstly it would take years of study and secondly you would need to be unconscious to perform the surgery!

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