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About Joanna

Hello! I’m Joanna, the J of JD Assist.  Although my services are provided virtually, there is a human being at the other end.  As such, please see below for a little more about me.  If there is anything else you would like to know, please just ask.

Random Joanna Facts

About JD Assist - loves coffee

Coffee Love

I love a good strong cup (erm, perhaps vat might be more appropriate given that my mugs have been described as soup bowls!) of coffee in the morning.  Freshly ground if possible, not instant though, sorry.

Hooping Happiness

I had always wanted to learn to hula hoop and I did about a year ago.  Much to my surprise, I’m pretty hooked and I’m learning new tricks from my fab hooping teacher.  It’s a great way to have a quick break in my day.
Hooping fun for JD Assist down time
JD Assist likes and dislikes

Mmm corn

I am somewhat crazy about corn and could eat it all the time…writing this makes me want to go and tuck into some right now!  I’m a fan of pretty much all vegetables on the whole, with the exception of peas.  I know they’re harmless but it’s a no from me.

The rhythm gets me

I adore dancing, it’s one of my favourite things in the whole world.  If there is music playing that moves me, you can be sure that some part of me is moving, no matter where I am.  In my head, Beyonce’s got nothing on me when it comes to throwing down shapes.
JD Assist keeps dancing
JD Assist hobbies

Here's one I made earlier

Another passion of mine when I’m not working is baking cakes.  I thoroughly enjoy putting new ideas on cake and trying new techniques, however, I’m not a big cake consumer.
“Joanna is my technical hero! I had been putting off sorting out my website for ages as I didn’t know where to start and Joanna sorted it all out for me and if she needed me to do something her instructions made it easy to do. She took the time to understand my requirements and has turned a WordPress theme into my tailored website including sign up page, blog and linking it to my diary. Her help has been invaluable and I would highly recommend her.”
Claire Bolsover

Coach, Claire Be Coaching

What is it that I do?

Most importantly, how can I do it for you?

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