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Every penny really does help

‘Do you ever pay RRP (recommended retail price) for anything?’ This was a question I was once asked years ago, when I was searching for the best price for a Sony stereo stack system – see, I told you it was years ago and yes I still have it and it works. You see, I like shopping and better still, a good deal or bargain if you like and the internet is to me a complete godsend on that front. So in answer to that question, why would I if I don’t have to?! Applying this same principle to business resources has been especially useful as a small and young business. One of the beauties of an online business (dependent on the type of business) is being able to minimise overheads, why then would you want to spend all savings on software and the like. Of course, the nature of the business will have a bearing on its requirements and there are some things that you just have to pay the going rate for and others it is prudent to do so and not pay peanuts, you get my drift. However, that being said, there are options out there to help you save. These are 3 things I have found to be cost efficient for me.


PDF Editor: You may well be familiar with the main major player in this arena and likewise you’re probably familiar with the price tag as well. I don’t have to do a lot of pdf editing, conversion etc so the cost of going with the biggest brand was not only costly but actually not an option as a very small start up with few clients. After some research, I came across Smallpdf and was amazed to find that I could do all the things I wanted and for a very pocket friendly $48 a year. I consider that win!  


Virtual Landline: The original incarnation of JD Assist was as a virtual assistance business offering administrative support and I joined an association which required that the business had a landline contact number, not just a mobile. As it was, I didn’t really want to use my personal mobile number or home number for work and this lead me to finding out what other options there were other than having a second mobile number and carrying 2 phones around with me (not to mention being locked into another 2 year contract). That is how I found out about virtual landlines, they can be local or national, divert to a mobile, have hunt groups if needed and no contract in my experience. After some trial and error, I have found one that works for me as I can have incoming and outgoing calls to landlines and mobiles for an all in price of just £9 (inc VAT) a month – another win.


Editing Software: I had very little prior experience of Photoshop and to be honest, my requirements were not so high level – I leave that to my brother, seeing as he’s the photographer (he very kindly took the pictures of me that are on the site, shameless plug but he’s family). Like the pdf software, you may be familiar with the price tag associated with Photoshop and once again it was somewhat out of reach. As you’ve no doubt worked out, I went searching and if you look hard enough you tend to find something, which is exactly what I found by way of PicMonkey. Not only is it pretty simple to use, it’s affordable too, £6.49 of your English pounds (billed annually) – kerching.
It’s all good and well finding these products but another thing I have learned is that there is a best time to purchase such things and that time is November, more specifically black Friday. Purchasing software around this time can help you save even more for the coming year or even for good in some cases. By purchasing my CRM (client relationship management) software at this time I saved over 20% on my annual subscription. I made a list of what I required and then looked at the discounts previously on black Friday to gain an idea at the sort of savings I might be able to make and whether to wait. I haven’t forgotten that I said ‘even for good in some cases’, this is because some products are offered at a discounted lifetime rate too. Now surely, that is a winner?

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