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JD Assist Ltd home

Welcome to JD Assist! I am here to make the process of creating and maintaining your WordPress website less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

I work with small business owners and entrepreneurs, in particular those in creative (such as wedding planners) and health/wellbeing (coaches and therapists) industries.

The ethos of JD Assist is to work with you, taking time to understand your requirements and enable you to translate your vision for your virtual store front into reality.  To free up some of your time and  take off some of the load of running your business by turning the chores into cheers for your WordPress website.

You will find further information on the services offered and more about me across the site, as well as answers to some common questions and contact details to get in touch, so I can be of assistance to you as soon as possible.

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A flair for contemporary design, technical know-how, pleasant, responsive and supportive (and all within the clear packages outlined on her own website)… that’s Joanna!  I am feeling very smug because I know I  made the right choice of web designer (and she continues to assist).
Ruth Shelley


The core values of JD Assist

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